Treatment Examples and Customer Feedback

Here are some of the feedback we humbly received as well as before and after photos which show the change with treatment.

Just by removing the roundness of your back, you can make a different impression on people. It’s not just your face that makes people guess how young you are!👩👩‍🦳
Without realizing it, Her body was leaning forward. She hadn’t realized it until she saw the picture.
The key to beautiful posture is where the center of gravity of the body rests on the soles of the feet. Because the body axis returns to the center of the body, the back naturally stretches.
Hip Cranial Massage is not magic and will not solve all your problems in just one session. You should not expect dramatic changes. But the first thing many people say is, “I feel lighter. This is a freedom that can only be experienced by those who have had the treatment.
Hip &Head Massage (special menu at Red Traffic Light) It’s perfect for one hour. There are so many women who suffer from back pain after childbirth. Unknowingly, the posture becomes more protective of the lower back. In addition, working in the same posture for a long time makes the body stiffer and stiffer. You need to release the stress and tension in the brain and body.
The collapse of posture was brought about by the four-month-long Lock Down. But she hadn’t noticed. Is it age that’s causing my skin to lose its elasticity and dullness? Are your shoulders stiff because of your work or family? A part of these problems may be triggered by your body’s axis being misaligned, Just adjust the frame of your body. Simple is Best
Just one time by HIP Cranial massage. Stress and tension has gone from muscle and joints and then her feeling was light.
It’s been 111 days since her last treatment. Her body was screaming.😱
The 60s woman has taken Deluxe Cranial Massage 3times. I look forward to changing her posture every time she visits us. Because she must have a lot of energy and she will feel to decrease pain from joints and muscles by taking our treatment to rebalance of body. “Today was my first visit. I could not balance when I first started but at the end of my visit, I could balance tension in my shoulders disappeared, and less pain in my joints. I have made another appointment. Thank you”
Hi, Anessa Thank you for coming to Manurewa salon. You have definitely changed. You will know the difference in the way you move your body in the future, at work, and in your everyday life. But never overdo the workout in the gym. 🏋️‍♀️I look forward to seeing you next month.
Hi, Sarah, I’m glad to see your smile at Manurewa salon again. Please enjoy to paly Hockey. I am pleasure to help your body condition in this season too.
Hi Sha, thank you for coming to Te Atatu South Salon. I’m so glad to have your feedback to encourage me in my future work. “Thanks, mariko! I can really see the difference my left foot is more flexible and I am standing more upright without much effort I can feel my core/stomach muscles straighten too! My husband told me I wasn’t snoring last night! I cannot wait for the next session!” “Yes of course!! U can even say that I tried so many types of treatment but this is the one that seems to work for me! I am a true believer 🙂 “Mariko
Hi Natalia, thank you for trying out our Hip Cranial massage at Manurewa salon today. We got a good result as less pain on your lower back, and you can feel a lot lighter everywhere. I could see that your body and mind loosen up. I’m looking forward to giving you our Deluxe massage in April, you will love it!Yumi
Hi Aroha, I’m glad you enjoyed our Deluxe massage at Manurewa salon today. You can see in the photo from the side that the position of the head is now closer to your body axis. Your lower half of the face line has changed as your body circulation has improved. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress next time again. Have a good rest! Yumi
Morning, Destiny. Thank you for coming to Manurewa salon yesterday Hope you are feeling better☺️ Please check the photos, your neck axis is steady, back S line is showing now. Also, your face is lifted up and smaller. Have a good day and see you next month! Yumi

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