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In 1998 Kesae Watanabe set out to learn “小顔矯正(Alignment Beauty Therapy)” through Cranial Therapy in Tokyo and in 2000 she moved to Auckland to join her husband who had moved to the city for work.

Through communication with her client, she found women’s concerns haven’t changed since twenty years ago, despite the emergence of new high-tech products and technologies, an expert technique developed year after year.

She found that many massage therapists possessed expert techniques, but not many offered a combination of technique and inner force. The powers of a Cranial massage that gives from the heart far surpass the benefits of the technique alone.

Kesae’s Massage space is an “Inner Beauty” space that addresses the concerns of mature women from the inside. That is because “Beautiful Skin” and “Confidence” are like two sides of a coin.

As physiologic functions start to work correctly, the turnover of skin gets back into a regular cycle, stabilizing the skin quality. Whether the vital force of the body is flowing smoothly or being blocked somewhere will all appear on your skin as a “voice” from the inside. Kesae’s Massage space is a place that enables a realignment of your body to create resilient and moist skin that your hand naturally reaches to feel many times a day.

You can rely on us to make you beautiful inside as well as outside for you.

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