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This is a page of Kesae Total Balance space in Windsor Park Albany – Sunset Road.

We help women who seek to focus on the total balance of their body by improving their body balance, skin conditions, and posture improvement by Japanese Cranial Massage.

On your arrival at our salon, in order to fully understand your concerns, we will discuss a-year and two-year goals as to “what you want to be like” through thorough consultation.

If it is your first visit, please let us know by saying “This is my first time,” and we will guide you through the process.

The Kesae Total balance offers the same services at the same prices across all stores, and there are no differences in services provided by each store. Please feel free to make a booking with confidence.

Our Japanese Cranial Massage Therapy Treatments

At Kesae, we have signature treatment programs specified to the unique physical, mental and emotional requirements of each guest, aided by the highest-quality organic massage oils and fine aromas. Prior to the treatments, enjoy some mineral water with your choice of Doterra’s Drinkable citrus essential oil while Kesae asks you about your concerns and requests, based on your questionnaire. Then, we will set the goal for the day. Please advise our staff upfront for any special physical conditions such as medical difficulties.


美顔 THE BIGAN FACIAL CRANIAL TREATMENT and 骨盤矯正 Kotsuban Hip Cranial Massage.

With the great explorer of the truth in our body, you feel relaxed and lighter and you see the change more clearly on your face and body, quickly with combined treatment, particularly for sagging chin and laugh lines, pelvic correction, posture improvement.

90min / $210 ($147 for the first time customer)


Bigan (head and face shaping) therapy is a very unique and revolutionary facial and scalp massage technique Kesae mastered in JAPAN and treatment with only a select few practitioners located in NEW ZEALAND.

This technique encourages the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. This circulation helps to keep moisture on your skin. There are individual differences but people find a clear change after the first treatment.


60 min / $130 ($91 for the first time customer)


This KOTSUBAN Hip Cranial Massage introduces cranial treatment on Senkotsu (Sacrum) to be realigned so that the optimum balance of the body, posture will come back. Treatment on hip, Kotsuban, helps to control hormone balance which helps the issue of irregular period.

This technique is particularly effective for those suffering from back pain, hip pain, posture bending, stress on your physical body, irregular period, and emotional stress.

This treatment helps to ease the natural anxieties and tensions endured alongside the beauty of childbearing because of the realignment of the core of your body.


45min / $130 ($91 for the first time customer)

Just by removing the roundness of your back, you can make a different impression on people. It’s not just your face that makes people guess how young you are!👩👩‍🦳
Without realizing it, Her body was leaning forward. She hadn’t realized it until she saw the picture.
The key to beautiful posture is where the center of gravity of the body rests on the soles of the feet. Because the body axis returns to the center of the body, the back naturally stretches.
Hip Cranial Massage is not magic and will not solve all your problems in just one session. You should not expect dramatic changes. But the first thing many people say is, “I feel lighter. This is a freedom that can only be experienced by those who have had the treatment.
Hip &Head Massage (special menu at Red Traffic Light) It’s perfect for one hour. There are so many women who suffer from back pain after childbirth. Unknowingly, the posture becomes more protective of the lower back. In addition, working in the same posture for a long time makes the body stiffer and stiffer. You need to release the stress and tension in the brain and body.
The collapse of posture was brought about by the four-month-long Lock Down. But she hadn’t noticed. Is it age that’s causing my skin to lose its elasticity and dullness? Are your shoulders stiff because of your work or family? A part of these problems may be triggered by your body’s axis being misaligned, Just adjust the frame of your body. Simple is Best
Just one time by HIP Cranial massage. Stress and tension has gone from muscle and joints and then her feeling was light.
It’s been 111 days since her last treatment. Her body was screaming.😱
The 60s woman has taken Deluxe Cranial Massage 3times. I look forward to changing her posture every time she visits us. Because she must have a lot of energy and she will feel to decrease pain from joints and muscles by taking our treatment to rebalance of body. “Today was my first visit. I could not balance when I first started but at the end of my visit, I could balance tension in my shoulders disappeared, and less pain in my joints. I have made another appointment. Thank you”

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