Kesae’s treatment was so great to experience.

We got a great feedback from one of our customers below:

“Kesae’s treatment was so great to experience, this was not a traditional massage, it resembles more of a treatment. As a first-timer, I was expecting the procedure to be some kind of massage.

I was very confused as it was mostly light and soft touches rather than a hard deep tissue massage I was expecting.

But soon I realized this was more of treatment rather than a massage.

After the treatment, I was very impressed because I was able to stand upright in the correct form and my body felt so light after I could not feel the strain on my neck, my eyes and shoulder felt very light due to the adjusting of the muscles.

As a low blood pressure patient, I would always have cold and stiff feet, but after this treatment, I felt warm to the core and my toes felt very hot.

My flexibility became much more mobile and was able to move freely.

By continuing this treatment, I would like to find out my true body potential and its power.”

Akiko san, thank you so much for taking time out to give us such great feedback. I really appreciate your visit and am so glad to hear that you feel different in a better way and feel light.